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21 March 2013 @ 01:56 pm
Finally I make an introduction post :p name is Dekka. I'm Arashian and Eighter from Indonesia.
But I'm not really posting about Sakumoto here except when I'm posting fic or sometimes pic...

If you're a sakumoto shipper and need friend to talk about them, then please add me :)

In this journal you'll find my work such as fanfiction and subbed video (mainly Arashi) and my rant.

All subbed video in this journal is open, for the raw files please go to rawres :)

About adding me as friend:
All subbed video link in this journal is public, so no need to add me as friend to get them.
But if you want to be my friend *for whatever reason---there's nothing interesting here anyway*, please just leave a comment here.
I won't add back empty journal, or journal that there's no post in English atau mungkin Bahasa Indonesia.
Of course you can add me without leave a comment here. I'll still read your journal, and if I know you from somewhere *like if you are my favorite fanfic author* I'll add you back :)
Other than that, please don't expect me to add you back... I'm sorry :(

If you have anything to ask about this journal such as dead link, just message me or leave comment here.

PS: Regarding all files you find in this journal, please DON'T SELL  them. Give them to your friends, give my link to your friend, or even reupload it , is okay, but really DON'T SELL those files. Thank you :)

That's all :D Enjoy my journal :D
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24 January 2016 @ 12:31 pm
I've created a new community called rawres for all RAW files in this journal. From now on I'll post the RAW files there. So if you want to get the newest files, please go to rawres. In the near future, I'll make my previous post contain links for RAW files become private. So if any of you add me as friend just for following my update, you can unfriend me, and join the community instead.
Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m
Happy Belated Birthday Jun!!
Sorry for the late post,, I'm lazy :p
I wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want :)
Good luck for the upcoming tour!! Even though I can't go to there, I still hope the best for you :D

Now, I want to write about my trip to Dieng.
Trip to Dieng...Collapse )
04 August 2014 @ 04:38 pm
I know it's already subbed, but I can't get them since the link either dead or I have no access to. That's why I decided to do my own version. I use jliann translation here.
Ehh it wasn't VS Arashi?

Err...something wrong here...


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So, few years ago, I think at the beginning of 2012, I was hooked on Chipmunk Arashi. At first I just played around with my MPC, increased the speed, and found it's amusing :p Then I thought, why not make my own version of Chipmunk Arashi??
The result?
Everything and Kaze no Mukou e Chipmunk Version xD
The quality of the video is crap, also the editing. It's just for my own amusement after all :p

07 February 2014 @ 02:50 pm
  I really love this shoot :3 Not to mention I love this event :D
And I really love those three, they have chemistry. People usually said that Martin and Ben have chemistry--well yeah, they have-- or Martin and Amanda are really cute together--YES xD, but then again they're partner in life-- but they usually forget that Ben and Amanda have great chemistry too. Not romantically of course, but the one you have with your best friend, or in this case your partner's best friend. It's really great seeing them talking about Sherlock, complimenting and teasing each other xD

  In this particular scene, a fan asked them about Sherlock being net phenomenon, and then Amanda said "I'm not answering that". Here Martin's face was like "I know why she's saying that"--of course he is, with his partner being attacked by random people saying that she's ruining the show Dx,, urgh-- but Ben's face was just like, "Wait, what? Why?" but still smiling.

  Well at least that's my impression. Haha :p

  If any of you want to watch this, you can go to this link, you have to download iTunes first if you don't have it already. Then click view in iTunes, it will open the link(?) in iTunes. After that click subscribe, the video will be downloaded to your computer.
Or for you who can't download it from iTunes shop, you can download it here :)
25 January 2014 @ 11:58 am
Happy birthday Sho san :D
My ichiban :3
Well, you're still my ichiban, you know?
Yes I know, I love Jun more than you *of course, he is my son after all :p*, and yes I'll choose Nino being my husband over you *I know it won't happen, but hey, let me dream ;p*, but you're still my ichiban :D
Sooo...happy birthday Sho. I wish you all the best in this world
Please found your dream girl and marry her :) Please love Arashi more and more, and the most important thing, please be happy :D

Anyway, it have nothing to do with your birthday, Sho-san, but I've just realized that 2 of my OTP's initial is SJ :3 The first one, of course you and Jun (Sho-Jun), and then we have SJ for Sherlock-John :p Haha, it isn't important, I know. I just need to write it down :p
09 January 2014 @ 02:55 pm
Some people told me that they can't play files I uploaded. I don't know why, because they play well on my laptop and some the other's.
I just can make suggestion for those who can't play my files:

  1. Try another player beside VLC, some people said while it don't play well in VLC it play well in GOM and MPC. I don't know why, just try.

  2. If you still not sure about will it work? Then instead of downloading from this LJ *it'll waste your time and your bandwidth if it won't play in your computer* you should download it from another Arashi community which provide RAW files. I can't tell you more about this, because most of them don't want to be mentioned in public. You should try ask google, or maybe in private.

  3. Try dailymotion. There's someone who always upload all Arashi's related things. Her username is pris268. And she is fast.(I hope it's okay to mention her username here, she didn't say anything about not to mention her) Since she uploaded it on dailymotion, you can choose whether to watch it online or download it with IDM or some site like keepvid.

  4. You can try to download it yourself from channel_jpn@youku. Just googling channel_jpn account, find the link of the video you want. Follow the tutorial here or here. After you've finished your download, join it with FLV joiner to make them into one file. The file format is in FLV, so if you want you can try to convert it to another format you like. I think the reason why some people can't play my file is because my converting method don't work well with their system? I don't know.

That's all. I'm sorry for people who already download from this LJ but can't play it. I hope it'll help you. Thank you :)

*And sorry for my bad English*
23 October 2013 @ 01:25 pm
So my last post is about pc crash, and I already solve it by re-install my OS. Now I have another problem, every time I try to open tumblr it'll redirect to linkbucks. It's happen to all browser I use, and it's just happen when I'm trying to open tumblr. No other site behave like that. What happen? Can someone tell me what I should do? Is it virus? Even after I'm re-installing my computer?
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22 October 2013 @ 03:57 am
As usual..whenever I'm in the middle of my mid pc ALWAYS crash!! Whether some horrible virus attack it or something happen so my pc won't booting. I don't even know WHY it is always happen when I have an exam to do tomorrow,, and always in the middle of my mid test. It's like it's trying to distract me from my mid test. Urgh!!!
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