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Welcome To My Journal :D

Finally I make an introduction post :p name is Dekka. I'm Arashian and Eighter from Indonesia.

In this journal you'll find my subbed video (mainly Arashi) and my rant.

All subbed video in this journal is open

About adding me as friend:
All subbed video link in this journal is public, so no need to add me as friend to get them.
But if you want to be my friend *for whatever reason---there's nothing interesting here anyway*, please just leave a comment here.
I won't add back empty journal, or journal that there's no post in English atau mungkin Bahasa Indonesia.
Of course you can add me without leave a comment here. I'll still read your journal, and if I know you from somewhere, I'll add you back :)
Other than that, please don't expect me to add you back... I'm sorry :(

If you have anything to ask about this journal such as dead link, just message me or leave comment here.

PS: Regarding all files you find in this journal, please DON'T SELL  them. Give them to your friends, give my link to your friend, or even reupload it , is okay, but really DON'T SELL those files. Thank you :)

That's all :D Enjoy my journal :D

Arashi First IG Live (2019.11.03) Eng Sub

Hi, it's been a while since I post something here. Just so you know, I am still in the fandom and never leave it. I just have nothing to post here, so yeah 😅

[You can read it...or not.]

Anyway, how are you guys doing this year? Do you miss Arashi yet/still? Or maybe you finally can accept that we won't see them together till we don't know when? Personally, I still miss them a lot. Will I ever stop feeling like this? Or I have to live with it always? I don't know.

Also subbing this IG live was actually a bittersweet moment. On one side, seeing them being all smiley and being excited about the new experience and those plans make me happy. But on the other hand, I know that most of those plans will not happen so it makes me super sad. My brain wasn't helping me either, everytime I am happy seeing their silly act, my brain always said 'You won't see something like this for a long time. It could be forever you know?' And I'm back being sad and miss them so much :(

Well tbh, it's my fault for delaying this project for a long time. I am supposed to finish this BEFORE 2021, so this sad feeling shouldn't be here yet. But as usual, laziness got the best of me.


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Untitled (Softsub)

I know that the hardsub already out there. But in case you already have the RAW and prefer the softsub, like me, you can use this softsub.

This is the first collaboration (?) between me and Nastar19. She is new at translating, even though she pass JLPT N2, so she said 'Please forgive me if there any miss translation or grammar error".

Any critique or feedback, please leave at the comment section, so we know what should be improved.

My only 2 rules regarding this sub are only, DON'T REMOVE THE CREDIT! and DON'T SELL IT! Simple right?

Link: Mega

RAW from Amnos no Asa (If anyone want to re time it for Scrap Fabulous RAW, please do)
natsuki_chan25 said that it match the RAW from scrap fabulous :D


  1. Translator: Nastar19

  2. Junction Translation: arashi_engtrans@twitter

  3. Lyrics Translation: Toni, Yarukizero, The-Last-Melon-Pan, Onelovearashi, ArashixOhmiya

  4. Timing/Typesetting/Other: Me


  1. The sub is only for the concert part

  2. Expect update for the files, since my other friend said she will check the translation.

  3. Please install all fonts included in the rar first.

What is 2,5D? Ep 1 download.... and personal update?

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That's all for my boring life for the download section.

Sugaken is choosen as this year ambassador for 2.5D. In this first episode, the haisute first year cast come as the guest for the Suppin corner.
Main MC: Suga Kenta
Guest: Suzuki Hiroki, Kageyama Tatsuya, Kosaka Ryoutaro, Miura Kairi
Link: MEGA

If any of you want the cut with only the haikyuu cast, tellme, I will upload it.
As always, comments are welcome :D

New Announcement

For my friend in this LJ, I want to inform you that I already deleted my community. The reason is I have problem with the source I use. Before, I used to upload their video from tudou and youku, before she/he change to baidu. I assume that it's okay to reupload it again, and since I can't really read Japanese I don't know that it isn't allowed. Yup, I'm the wrong one here. So I decide to delete rawres. I'm so sorry for all of the member. For someone who tell me this, thank you :)
Once again sorry, and thank you m(_ _)m

Blast Arashi (Softsub and Hardsub)

We know that other communities already do this one, but in case you already have the RAW and prefer the softsub, well you can get this.
Also hardsub for those who prefer it.

We use candywalla for 1st disc and acidae 's translation from here and here for 2nd disc.
Please don't remove the credit from the file if you use the SS m(_ _)m

Disc 1

We use the raw from KnH, so if you have any other RAW, maybe it won't sync. You can re-timing it tough :)
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW with lyric
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW without lyric
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW form ocha_suki with lyric retimed by her :*

Disc 2

[MEGA] for KnH's RAW
[MEGA] for jade-lil RAW
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW from ocha_suki retimed by her :*

Size: 883MB
Duration: 1:25:29
Filecloud: 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
4shared 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Translation: candywalla and acidae
Lyric and song translation: yarukizero
Timing: tomapiya
Editing/Typesetting/Encoding: dekkawai

Please understand that we are not a pro when it come to subbing, so the quality maybe not that good.
Thank you :D

Comments are welcome :D

Sho Aoi xD

I just want to post some pictures of Sho and Aoi xD They're really cute together.

The way Aoi look at Sho is kyuuun ><

They look so cute together, right??

This one too. They look like a perfect couple :3

My favorite pic <3 One of my friend said it will be perfect if the scarf is a tie :p
Can they just married already? Pretty please ><

Oh, by the way I'm in the middle of uploading this photobook, so for those who want it, please just wait :)

Uchida Atsuto AnAn Magazine

As the title say, this entry is about Uchi's AnAn.
But first, let me say something.....

Okay...Thank you :|
Now for the magazine.
SEE? Too sexy Dx

Ahh, and here the download link in case you're okay with all the consequence.
Source: 呂一斤

Comments are welcome :D